mmm yarn

AWESOME Saturday! SO MUCH FUN YARN! Rhinebeck was awesome!


artichoke brooch

I worked on my brooches yesterday. I actually embroidered this one weeks ago, but hadn’t put the backing on. I finished it up, and I love it! It might be my favorite brooch that I’ve made. Who doesn’t love artichokes?

biggest pumpkin

Saturday we went to the Topsfield Fair. I saw tons of chickens, turkeys, rabbits, pigs, and cows! I also saw a TON of crafts- amazing work! It was a total blast. This pumpkin was the biggest pumpkin in the area! AMAZING! 1,464 pounds! It must have been killer getting it there!


We went apple picking this weekend.  It was the perfect day for it.  So lovely.  I can’t wait to make apple pie, apple crisp, apple sauce, apple butter (maybe), baked apples.  mmmmm

challah for rosh hashana

I made a round challah for Roshashana last night. It came out all doughy in the middle because I didn’t let the yeast activate long enough. I modified the recipe I usually use for challah by adding honey and then rolling raisins into the braids before weaving them together. I threw a ton of rainsins on the top, but that seems to have been a mistake because they swelled and burnt. The outside of the bread was quite tastey eventhough the middle wasn’t edible! It was my first time making Roshashana dinner, and I don’t think I did a bad job- just a little different.


I went to visit friends this weekend, and eventhough I brought a long four projects- the Suprise Baby Jacket was the one I worked on the most. I’m sure part of it was that I was making it for their unborn baby, but also because it’s garter stitch and was the easiest thing to pick up while I was playing a game! I love these colors together. I can’t wait to make little accessories to go with this sweater. I should be working on my Christmas knitting, though…

Big & Small!

Big sweater, little sweater.  I laid these out to see what my buttons would look like – I’m very happy with my button choices.  Only one sleeve left for the Jessie sized one!